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Praise for Darling Fitch:

“The Real Deal”
-Brian Felsen, CDBaby

Erika Belavy, Riot Art

“…electric, eccentric, elegant, honest, and pretty much everything.”

Arising from the cesspool of Berlin’s queer party scene, Darling Fitch’s A Stranger Sound is a dark yet ultimately affirming transgender coming-of-age story. A Stranger Sound is a full length live show combining music, spoken word, and performance art to take the audience on a journey through “gender dysphoria and chemical ecstasy // chemical dysphoria and gender ecstasy… And glamour as a survival strategy.” The show examines many elements of queer space: community, self-discovery, safety… But also addiction, escapism, narcissism, abuse, and self-harm. It is an honest account of the spaces we call home.

With performances planned over the span of performer Darling Fitch’s first years of testosterone therapy, vocal drops and physical changes will be evident from performance to performance, particularly through the juxtaposition of live and pre-recorded vocals. In this way, A Stranger Sound tells an ongoing story, and physically as well as thematically reveals the ever-changing nature of life.


Darling Fitch challenges and entertains with a unique blend of performance, poetics and riveting electronic music that has been described as somewhere between Laurie Anderson, Fever Ray and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
In 10+ years of traveling and performing across Europe and the US, American-born, Berlin-based Darling Fitch has honed their* highly experimental, often interactive, and always engaging style. Fitch’s music and performance work has appeared in festivals internationally, including the Dixon Place HOT! Fest, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Month of Performance Art – Berlin. An adaptable and versatile performer, Fitch creates work that is at home everywhere from college campuses to raves, art galleries and independent theaters, bars, living rooms, and museums.

Darling Fitch’s A Stranger Sound, a live musical and poetic narrative of their gender transition, has spawned two albums, a book, and three US tours. 

*Fitch uses they/them pronouns  


All photos credit Melanie Ziggel www.melanieziggel.com
Questions? Get in touch: contact@darlingfitch.com or +49 1522 708 3459