Darling Fitch Presents:


Praise for Revelations:

“powerful… both energised and energising. This is challenging stuff”
David Charles, Edinburgh Guide

“Great! Really brings a mood”
-Don Bolles (The Germs/Nervous Gender)

“…thoughtful in an unexpectedly accessible way”
Emily Manthei, Restless Magazine

Praise for Darling Fitch:

“…electric, eccentric, elegant, honest, and pretty much everything.”

After the success of their multi-year interdisciplinary performance project A Stranger Sound, transgender writer, musician and performance artist Darling Fitch is back with Revelations: a hopeful harsh noise poetry pop opera about the end of the world and our place in it.

We are living in a time of unprecedented destruction. In a world obsessed with the monstrous, with apocalyptic tropes and hyper-alienation, how do we come together to create a new narrative? With Revelations, multidisciplinary performer Darling Fitch uses a lens of queer cultural theory and auto-ethnographic narrative to examine the overlay of personal mythology, interpersonal impact and political utility of the apocalyptic tropes that dominate the current cultural imagination. As a transgender performer, Fitch has a unique perspective on societal ideas of change as “monstrous,” the literal meaning of apocalypse as “the revealing of divine mysteries,” and a keen insight into the ever-present question of what comes after the end of the world and life as we know it.

Revelations debuted in Berlin in February 2019, traveled the US on a 12-date tour this spring, and made a brief, but well reviewed, appearance at the Edinburgh fringe this summer. Fitch is currently booking dates for an early 2020 European tour.



Darling Fitch challenges and entertains with a unique blend of performance, poetics and riveting electronic music that has been described as somewhere between Laurie Anderson, Fever Ray and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
In 10+ years of traveling and performing across Europe and the US, American-born, Berlin-based Darling Fitch has honed their* highly experimental, often interactive, and always engaging style. Fitch’s music and performance work has appeared in festivals internationally, including the Dixon Place HOT! Fest, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and the Month of Performance Art – Berlin. An adaptable and versatile performer, Fitch creates work that is at home everywhere from college campuses to raves, art galleries and independent theaters, bars, living rooms, and museums.

From 2015-2018, Darling Fitch performed A Stranger Sound, a live musical and poetic narrative of their gender transition that spawned two albums, a book, and three US tours. Now they are back to share their post-transition life and stories with the world. 

*Fitch uses they/them pronouns  


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