New Darling Fitch track Shiver out 17 May 2024. Stream/download via the links below. Like it, share it, add it to your playlists!

My Mind // Shivers // My Spine // Shivers

Experimental yet accessible, Shiver combines pitch-shifting electro sensuality with rhythmic, dark and abrasive challenge. Inspired equally by Blackout-era Britney Spears and confrontational industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle, with spoken word, dance, electronica, and experimental elements both deadpan and sparkling.

As a trans/nonbinary performer Fitch is especially captivated by how sonic cues inform our perception of social constructs. The electronic mediation of gender is on full display here, but in a way perhaps not perceptible unless in the know, reflecting the trans experience of Gender as something both hidden and overly inscribed. To quote Fitch, “I pitched the vocal track up quite a bit in early edits, and realized in doing so it sounded like my pre-HRT unsteady soprano. So I decided to pitch it down considerably. Now algorithms have decided to label me for the first time as a male vocalist.”

Ahead of Darling Fitch’s first US tour dates in almost four years (thanks, COVID) they reveal a new sonic direction that remains indelibly their own: Fitch is not outside looking in, the listener is inside looking out. And bridging the distance, an electric shiver crosses from spine to spine, mind to mind.