The Heart And The Bone

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The Heart And The Bone combines cold, wind-swept instrumentation and intimately rough vocals in a bittersweet electronic ballad of resilience and survival. Dedicated to transgender people in the United States who are fighting against growing social and legal repression, The Heart And The Bone offers an embrace to anyone who has felt the loneliness and desperation of being an “outcast” and has clung to the beauty of life, against the odds.

Darling Fitch is no stranger to life as an outsider, and The Heart And The Bone is a deeply personal song. As a trans, working class immigrant artist, Fitch speaks from experience of the pain as well as the triumphs of seeking one’s truth. As one verse laments “you’ve never been so alone” the chorus answers: “anyone could be so proud to survive.”

The Heart And The Bone walks the line between sadness and hope, and makes space for both, at a time when it can seem difficult to know how to go on. Many of us are familiar with the feeling. Perhaps we aren’t so alone after all.