Darling Fitch Recommends: ZULI – Komy EP

Another boost to music supporting efforts against genocide in Palestine:

Cairo-based ZULI’s new EP of previously unreleased club tracks goes hard. A hard techno/breakcore/hip-hop amalgamation, the Komy EP contorts, shimmers, hypes, confronts. Invites. You can smell the sweat on leather and the metabolizing energy, and almost feel the bass coming out of a massive stack. This is palpable music, danceable, ring-ready. There’s barely a moment to catch your breath on the twisting five-track journey, but you won’t want to. The abrupt end beckons you to press play and start again from the beginning.

ZULI has an impressive genre- and globe-spanning resume and strong chops in producing, club curation, and video work. That these beats were held in the archives, some of them almost a decade, is a testament to the caliber of his output. Komy was mastered by Dominic Clare at Declared Sound. Artwork by Karim Elghazoly.

ZULI is donating all proceeds to Medical Aid For Palestine. Stream below/purchase on Bandcamp to support:

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