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Some of you know my work curating art events, music shows, and live performances in Berlin and internationally. I’ve stepped back from that in recent years due to illness, but recently started to dabble in playlist curation and music reviews. With this space, I’m hoping to find a home for music, performance, and niche cultural work that struggles to find traction elsewhere. From alt-pop to harsh noise, no genre limits, just an assemblage of what makes me say “yes.” Much of the music will also be channeled to my Spotify playlist “Darling Fitch Recommends” – so give it a follow!

As a queer multimedia performer who exists in the “out there” and “in between” of music, poetry and interactive performance art, I’ve found it incredibly difficult to find spaces to promote my own work, as it’s either too “spoken word” for the music set, too “musical” for the poetry market, and just plain “too experimental,” weird, or queer for most commercially oriented blogs and websites.

As a writer with very specific tastes, I’ve also found it frustrating to pitch my services to arts and culture sites that thrive on clicks and engagement or just enjoy different things than I do.

So I figured, why not start my own blog, where I can share what I like, spotlight artists who ?

I have no idea where this will go, and my aim is more curation of what I like than mega impact, but for us small artists the real engagement often lies in finding the right places to share work, rather than launching in a sea of mainstream that is destined to swallow us up… so here I am, venturing to build my own little pond, and see what ecosystem develops.

Join me for a swim?



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